Bags and Pouches Sand Bags 40 x 70 cm, chainstitched hem at mouth

40 x 70 cm, chainstitched hem at mouth

Item no.3011-3168
Product DescriptionPolypropylene Bags

40 x 70 cm **
chainstitched hem at mouth
milky-white colour
with tie string 90cm (2x45cm)ex
PP or PE - twisted - diameter abt 3mm
strongly fixed on the side of the bag,
8-10 cm below mouth
700 Denier 10x10-63g/m2
tubular weaving
double-chainstitched bottom
in bundles of 100 pcs, tied with
2 nylon strings, 10 bundles
in pressed bales of 1000 pcs
Print: Recycling R & int. foodstuff logo
Minimum Order Size 25
Weight4.20 kg/100 pcs
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 3011-3168 Polypropylene Bags