Bags and Pouches Sand Bags 35 x 60 cm, heat cut or Zic Zac cut mouth

35 x 60 cm, heat cut or Zic Zac cut mouth

Item no.3015-3593
Product DescriptionPolypropylene Bags

35 x 60 cm / 20-25 kg Sand **
heat cut or Zic Zac cut mouth
dark - army green colour
green colour close to
pantone green 350C
1250 Denier 12x12-133g/m2
circular woven
highly UV-stabilized 150 kly
bottom single folded
and double chainstiched
fold for sewing 20mm
sewing itself 10mm from the edge
green or black sewing twine
in pressed bales of 200 pcs
on pallets of 5'000pcs

bags have to undergo a droptest which is passed only if no bursting of cloth and/or sewing.

- bags filled with 20kg dry sand
- bags will be dropped from 110cm level
- 4 trials with min. break of 2 minutes

-->test report requested
Minimum Order Size 25
Weight6.40 kg/100 pcs
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 3015-3593 Polypropylene Bags