Bags and Pouches Jute Bags 70 x 121 cm, 47.5x27.5"ex55x12.5oz/40 11x12

70 x 121 cm, 47.5x27.5"ex55x12.5oz/40 11x12

Item no.1010-1773
Product DescriptionHessian bags (jute)

70 x 121 cm **
47.5x27.5"ex55x12.5oz/40 11x12
double calendered, hemmed at mouth
herakles sewn side & bottom
with 4" vertical green stripe on
both sides, i.e. from top to bottom
on both sides in the centre of the
bag leaving from each edge abt.
11.75" plain,
with sewn-in tag "FORSI VOT LABEL"
not printed, flatpacked
unstitched bundles of 25 pcs
in pressed bales of 500 pcs
Minimum Order Size 25
Weight68.00 kg/100 pcs
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 1010-1773 Hessian bags (jute)

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