Christmas Bags Christmas Bags with printing 25 x 40 cm, ex 40x10oz/40

25 x 40 cm, ex 40x10oz/40

Item no.1110-9655
Product DescriptionHessian bags (jute)

25 x 40 cm **
ex 40x10oz/40
printing Type "105"
Santa with coloured bag
ex guaranteed hydrocarbonfree cloth
sewn on one or two sides and bottom,
with tucked-in drawcord 6cm from top
mouth surrounded by red cotton tape
printed (starting 5cm above bottom)
one side/8-colours->using guaranteed
hydrocarbonfree and alcalinefree
rubfast ink,bags not folded, packed
in strong cardboard boxes of 50 pcs,
8 boxes per export cardboard box
equipped with PE-liner
Minimum Order Size 25
Weight7.60 kg/100 pcs
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 1110-9655 Hessian bags (jute)