Bags and Pouches Jute Bags 25 x 40 cm, w. dark brown tape and cordes

25 x 40 cm, w. dark brown tape and cordes

Item no.1110-9711
Product DescriptionHessian bags (jute)

25 x 40 cm **
w. dark brown tape and cordes
(dark brown sim. to PT 469)
ex hc free < 400ppm 40x10oz/40
15 x 14 unlaminated Natural Jute
Window size 25 x 18cm (outer size)
Window ex 140g natural leno
Surrounded by brown ribbon (like bag on photo)
window starts 8cm from bottom
w. brown draw corde inside the hollow hem
inside turned out after sewing, bags not folded, packed
in strong cardboard boxes of 50 pcs,
8 boxes per export cardboard
box equipped with PE-liner
Minimum Order Size 25
Weight7.60 kg/100 pcs
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 1110-9711 Hessian bags (jute)