Mission & Why


We are ambassadors of the European industry of jute and bag traders and inspire our customers throughout Europe with our tradition-conscious, transparent and authentic actions.

Our mission is to make the trade in bag packaging, natural fabrics made of jute and carrier bags professional, transparent, reliable and sustainable. We want to use today's technical possibilities to make our products better and more environmentally friendly, and support customers and suppliers in doing so.

Why customers choose Relianz AG:
  • As a customer of Relianz AG, you receive professionalism and a reputable product at a fair price.
  • As a customer of Relianz AG, you can count on in-depth knowledge of the trading countries, trading partners, cultures and conditions. Relianz AG knows what it is talking about.
  • As a customer of Relianz AG, you receive a tailor-made product, at the right time, in the desired quality and made of the chosen material.
  • As a Relianz AG customer, you can rely on professional, transparent advice and support. Relianz AG thinks along with you and acts reliably and actively.
  • As a customer of Relianz AG, you receive sustainable solutions that deliver what they promise in terms of material type, production method and logistics.
  • As a customer of Relianz AG you save time and money because you can concentrate on the essentials of your business. You have the security of knowing that the trade will function and that you will receive the ordered goods on time and in high quality.