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Paper pouches fruits&vegetable

The traditional paper bag from the deli across the street for packaging fruit and vegetable is in ever higher demand today because of the environmental debate. Standard sizes available in stock, special designs with custom dimensions and print of personal logos is optional. Please fill out the request form or contact us by telephone. We will also be happy to visit you on site to develop the suitable product together with you.
Short description
22 x 42 x 10 cm
28 x 12 x 34 cm
Type "Graffiti"
brown paper 80g/m2
27 x 12 x 36 cm
brown kraft paper 80g/m2
new paper - food grade
27 x 12 x 36 cm
white kraft paper 90g/m2
new paper - food grade
32 x 17 x 38 cm
brown kraft paper 105g/m2
new paper - food grade
32 x 22 x 25 cm
Type "Graffiti"
white colour 80g/m2
shopping bag
type "Graffiti"
paper g/m2?
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