Bags and Pouches Sewing Machine Zubehör

Sewing Machine Zubehör

We offer 2 types of bag sewing machines. One of them sews directly on the bag and the other type first places a paper strip on top of the opening. Both types are suitable for heavy-duty use. Besides this, you can also find bag clips to re-close bags once opened and to protect the content against dirt.
Short description
3810-9680 Hand sewing machine for bags
Hand sewing machine for bags
Bourquin BN F400
Bourquin BN F400
3810-6739 Sewing yarn
Sewing yarn
for sewing machine
NE 12/4 polyester yarn
3810-6957 Counterweight
Counter Weight
to sewing machine
Union Special BN F300
3810-7181 Needles for
Needles for
Union Special BN F300
10 pcs.
3810-6873 Bag Clip "WeLoc Gripper"
Bag Clip "WeLoc Gripper"
22 cm -
red - PA 220

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