Fruits & Vegetables Packaging Tubular Nettings Abpackautomaten

Tubular Nettings Abpackautomaten

Mesh sleeves for packaging machines, available in various sizes and colours, suitable for packaging fruit and vegetable. You have not found the product you desire? Please fill out the request form or contact us by telephone. We will also be happy to visit you on site to develop the suitable product together with you.
Short description
4530-6451 Tubular nettings
50 cm
yellow colour
sleeves of 250 lm
4530-5704 Tubular nettings
52 cm
dark green colour
sleeves of 250 lm
4530-3712 Tubular nettings
54 cm
yellow colour no. 05
96 threads
4530-6479 Tubular nettings
54 cm
yellow colour no. 26
96 threads
4530-6628 Tubular nettings
54 cm
red colour No. 11
96 threads

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